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Specialist in Neurosurgery, Vienna

Dear reader!

For 15 years now I've been responsible for neurosurgical patients, since September 2009 as a senior consultant in the Hospital Wiener Neustadt, In Lower Austria, which is considered to be an Oncology Center in Austria, only 1Km away from MedAustron, the center for cancer treatment and research (and just 50 Km from Vienna).

My work expands from the planning and implementation of neurosurgical operations to postoperative controls. As a regular member of the Tumour Board I have been specialised in the stereotactic brain tumour biopsy as well as in the neurosurgical oncology.

My professional focus is the treatment of Brain Tumors, like Meningioma and Glioblastoma.

However as senior neurosurgeon I am also familiar with the spinal surgery, such as the neurosurgical treatment of back pain because of herniated discs or narrowing of the spinal canal.


As a doctor of choice in the Oncology Center Vienna I provide consultations after studying patients' images and medical reports. In the next step I take time for neurological examinations of the patient and finally I introduce potential therapies and surgical treatment to the patient.


Of course, I am also willing to give a second opinion on current diagnoses and therapies.

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